giovedì 9 novembre 2017


Welcome to my blog, where today you will find a somewhat unusual post for me. Do not go away from the themes I usually deal with, but because I'm writing in English. However, with the "Translator" feature available, you can have all a good read.
I am writing in English is the main language of the fashion website that I will be presenting you and I want to show you the garments that immediately struck me.
The site in question is DressLily
This is an on-line shopping site that deals with hundreds of items, categorized in categories, which only boast of clothing for both women and men, but accessories, beauty items, shoes and handbags.Visiting the site is also you can find a very interesting and rich section of home articles.
The site is easy and intuitive consultation and written in English, but you can translate it in all languages ​​and view prices in all currencies using the drop-down windows at the top of the site, right side.
I want to be honest with you ... just giving me a brief dip I fell in love with so many of the attitudes present.
I find they are really cute and original, perfect for next Christmas
For example, this knit dress with Christmas decorations? The boat neck makes it original and sexy. A long jacket and comfortable fit, with long sleeves and fine trim. Available in different sizes and colors, all in theme with Christmas and easy to combine.

Always in theme with Christmas is this pretty dress:

Or this:
But what I love about madness is the home decor you find by clicking here
Among which you can find cutlery like these:

Or wonderful decorative pillows to renedre the warm and comfortable environments like these:

In short ... there is really everything and for all tastes. There is nothing more to do than to personally see the site at the address you find by clicking here

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  1. I due abiti sono bellissimi!
    Un abbraccio!

    Nuovo post sul mio blog!
    Ti aspetto da me se ti va!

  2. Deliziose queste proposte natalizie, specialmente gli abiti stile anni 50.